About Our Company

Spectra is a leading provider of all kinds of services, from electrical installations to general repairs and maintenance. With an emphasis on customer service, we strive to always provide custom solutions to your problems utilizing the most skilled contractors in the field and the highest quality materials on the market.


Our services are available on your schedule. We offer flexible hours to meet your needs at any time.

Quick & Efficient

All our projects are completed within the timeframe provided up front. No hassles, no delays.

Free Estimation

Start any project with a free estimate so you can accurately plan and budget.

Affordable Price

We strive to offer the highest quality work at the lowest prices available, every time.

What We Do


Spectra is more than just a maintenance company, we provide custom solutions to all your day-to-day issues, from maintenance to full-scale repairs and more. With the hardest working contractors in the business, our flexible services will meet your needs at any time of day, no matter what’s going on.


Electrical issues can cause power outages, loss of connectivity, and even hamper your home security. Stay on top of your electronics with our reliable maintenance.


There’s no need to call an expensive, specialist plumber. At Signature, our maintenance crew can handle just about any plumbing issue in no time at all.


Whether it’s summer or winter, you need your HVAC running at optimum efficiency. Call our contractors to make sure your home stays comfortable all year long.

Drywall repairs

Drywall can take quite a beating, so let our repair experts take care of any damage it’s gone through. From small touch-ups to bigger jobs, we do it all.


You choose the paint, the color, and the style - then let us handle the rest. Our veteran painters will help you create your dream home.


For minor cracks and holes, patching is a simple fix but it requires a steady hand and patience. Fortunately, our team is ready to help!


Whether you have hardwood or carpet, our contractors can fix up any damage your floor may have sustained over time and get it looking brand-new.


We also have locksmiths on our staff, so we can help you deal with all kinds of issues, from broken keys to forgotten key codes.

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